Policies and Discounts

  • Clinic Sign Up and Cancellation Policy:

    There are two options:
    1) Reserve a spot for whatever days you would like to regularly attend (aka full time/all days, or Tuesdays and Thursdays only, etc.). People on the regular schedule have a guaranteed clinic spot, but must also remember to give us 24 hours notice if they intend to skip a clinic and don’t want to be billed for it (and the same goes for private lessons).
    2) If you do not want to attend regularly you can always text us to see if there is a spot open on a particular day when you’d like to come out. If there is a spot open then you’re welcome to attend, but openings are not guaranteed.  Please note that we’d like to have 24 hours notice whenever possible, as it makes it easier to plan the clinics!

    Regarding cancellations, please note that the 24 hour cancellation notice for clinics and lessons will be strictly enforced going forward. We understand that students get sick from time to time, but please understand that when people cancel last minute it can end up penalizing the kids who show up with a disorganized clinic, since having a number of last minute cancellations can completely throw off that day’s clinic plans. It also prevents us from offering the spots to other students that may be waiting to attend when the clinics are full. Lastly, there is no way for us to investigate which kids are truly sick, versus which ones just don’t feel like coming due to any number of reasons. We have found that charging people when they don’t give us 24 hours notice is the only way to assure that these last minute cancellations are kept to an absolute minimum.

  • Payment and Deposit:

    When you first attend you can just pay as you go for a couple of clinics to make sure your child enjoys the program. After that you will have two choices: attend 7 clinics or less in a month and just pay as you go (as you already know your rate tier), or if your child would like to attend 8 or more times a month, we will use an end of the month billing system for clinics.  We will also do the end of the month system for private lessons, racket stringing, tournament coaching, ball machine, and jr memberships. There will just be one check to send at the beginning of each month to cover the previous month’s bill.

    Please note that we require a deposit of $400 per child in the older clinics and $300 per child in the younger clinics for anyone doing end of the month billing for clinics. (Although if you have a 7th grader that wants to do any of the older clinics, then they are required to pay the $400 deposit.) These deposits are fully refundable.  If at any point you plan to stop attending clinics, just let us know and you will receive a full refund of your deposit by the next business day. (Assuming there is a zero balance on your account.) Detailed invoices will be emailed out on either the 31st or 1st of each month and require payment by no later than the 10th. You can either bring them to clinic or mail them to 241 Barbours Lane, Greenville 29607. If an invoice is not paid by the 10th, there will be a $3 a day late fee added on to the next months clinic bill until the end of the month. At that point, your child will no longer be allowed to participate in clinics or private lessons until the monthly bill is reconciled.

    When writing checks, please make them payable to Ryan Haviland, Inc.

  • Rain Policy:

    If the weather is questionable for a clinic, please check either this website or our Facebook Page (Haviland Tennis Academy) for updates, as any cancellations will be posted an hour before the start of clinic, or as soon as we know thereafter. (Although we don’t usually know if it will be too wet until about an hour before the start of clinic, as courts can dry in as little as 15 minutes when the sun is out!) Once a clinic is underway however, we will keep the kids on site and do video analysis/film study sessions and/or classroom learning sessions where students will learn about a range of subjects listed under the “Rainy Day Curriculum” at the end of this info sheet. Additionally, as soon as it stops raining we will be back out on our fast-drying hard and/or clay courts doing stationary tennis drills that can be done on wet courts, and do not involve running.

    Please note that if you don’t see anything posted about it being too wet for clinic on our website or on Facebook, that we’re already out on the courts and that clinic will go as planned.

  • Multi-Child Discount:

    After your first child, all subsequent children will receive 10% off of their monthly clinic totals.

  • Out of Town Discount:

    Anyone who lives 45 miles away or further will not be subjected to the highest rate tier in either of the clinics, and is not required to sign up for 4 or more clinics per week.  They are welcome to come and go as they please.

  • Mandatory HTA Clothing Package:

    Two star players and above are required to purchase Spring and Winter HTA clothing packages.  The cost will be around $100 in March and $100-$150 in September. This will provide our players with 5-6 logo T’s each spring, and then 2 long sleeve shirts, 2 sweatshirts, and 2 more short sleeve shirts each fall. The clothing will be sold at cost and each student will have some choice when it comes to the colors and shirt styles.

  • Referral Bonus:

    When you refer someone new to the program you will receive a credit of three free clinics after they attend once. We appreciate our clients spreading the word about our program!

  • Ball Machine Rental:

    Ball machine rental for juniors will be done on a per use basis.  The fee is $10 per hour and a half.  Please note though that there must be a coach on the premises when a junior is wanting to use the ball machine.  Please check with our coaches regarding available hours if interested.

  • Junior Team Tennis Team Memberships

    The cost will be $60 per child, per season. This entitles you to play home matches on Friday’s at our facility (including use of the lights). Please note that there is no requirement to do lessons or clinics at our center to play on a team tennis team.

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