Tournament Coaching

  • Local Tournaments:

    We will now have a coach available for many of the weekend tournaments around the upstate. If you’re interested in local tournament coaching, the fee will be $30 per day. You may opt in or out of tournament coaching for each individual tournament, but we must know at least two days before the start of the tournament if you are interested in having coaching for that weekend (We want to try to have an adequate number of coaches based on the demand). If you have signed up for tournament coaching and your child is not watched on a particular day, you will not be billed the $30 coaching fee for that day. Please note that we HIGHLY recommend tournament coaching. The main reason most people spend money on clinics and lessons is so that their kids can do better in tournaments. It really helps us to see how your child faulters in big matches, as that helps us to advise them what to do for their next match, as well as plan out their next lessons and clinics. Additionally we can coach them if they split sets and can also sometimes scout out opponents prior to a big match.

  • Travel Tournaments:

    We will now send coaches to SC level 2/STA level 3 tournaments around the state whenever there are enough students interested in travel tournament coaching. We will also send coaches to STA level 1 and 2 tournaments around the South when there are enough players interested as well. The cost of chaperoned travel coaching for these trips will be $75 per day (assuming there are 3 or more players going), and unchaperoned travel coaching will be $30 per day (assuming there are 5 or more people wanting unchaperoned coaching, or also some chaperoned players on the trip as well). These costs however do not include the coaches’ expenses.  Those will be divided by the number of families wanting tournament coaching at that particular tournament.

Haviland Tennis Academy